Day 4: April 28, 2016 -Pamplona

Destination: Pamplona

Distance: 20km

Time: 6 hrs – 8:45am to 2:45pm

Terrain: fairly easy, mostly flattish with small rolling hills. Lovely countryside then last 2 hours Pamplona suburbs.

Weather: our first sunny morning! It was still cool but got warmer as the day went on.

We had breakfast as the Albergue at 7:30 (I packed mine to eat later) and then packed up and got on the road. My gut has been better but it’s still unsettled. Today was the first morning that I felt more like myself, at least for the first two hours. I even went for a little run with my backpack on. 🙂

We walked through the forest and along a small river for the first couple of hours and it was quite beautiful. We were making good pace.

I ate my breakfast around 11 and then we stopped at a cafe to buy a banana. My gut started churning again so it was lucky there was a bathroom nearby. More immodium, less food. I started to lose steam after about 2 1/2 hours and felt a bit of a hot spot on one foot so I put a bandaid on it and it was fine the rest of the day. My back starts to hurt by the right shoulder blade about that time every day too. Tomorrow I plan to take my pack off for 5 minutes every hour and see if that helps.

Around 1pm, we neared the outskirts of Pamplona and then around 2, we started walking through the city. Both of us were really tired and our legs were ready to give out. We met Carolina from Argentina and Daniel from Hungary and walked with them into the city. Once again, it was nice to have someone to chat with as it made the time go faster.

We found the Hotel Arriazu which was one block from the Plaza Castillo and walking distance (awesome) from everything worth seeing. Once we were settled in, showered, and changed, we found an Orange store and bought a SIM card from a funny, cute, and very helpful shop girl. Then we found a bar and started ordering Pinchos. The food was all lined up on plates and you just pointed to what you wanted. 2 euros per plate, and excellent wine for 1.60 a glass. We hadn’t eaten anything but a banana and an orange all day and were pretty hungry. I had two tapas and Erik had 4.

Then we went for a walk to see where they run the bulls and a few other sites. We were quickly running out of steam and when saw some police in riot gear, we decided it was time to head back to the hotel.

I am SO tired and sore right now, I can’t even imagine walking an inch tomorrow. Hmmm, should be an interesting day!

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2 thoughts on “Day 4: April 28, 2016 -Pamplona

  1. Joy Richardson

    So happy to hear that you are feeling better… I was worried about you for a minute – when I feel like that its a struggle to get out of bed, let alone hike 20km! Well done for not letting it hold you back! I hope you’re back to 100% very soon. Loving the daily updates! Its my little after-school treat!


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