Day 5: April 29, 2016 – Puente la Reina

Destination: Puente la Reina

Distance: 25km unless you wander around town looking for your Albergue, then 26.5 km

Time: 7:45hr – 9:45am to 5:30pm

Terrain: rolling hills, beautiful farms, one big climb to Alto de Perdon

Weather: sunny and blue skies. Cool in the morning but hotter as the day went on.

I had a good sleep and didn’t get up until after 8, then packed up to go.  Finally in the road about 9:45am. Made several stops to get fruit, a can of tuna, some breakfast  and a loaf of bread. It took more than an hour to get out of the city.

It was a beautiful sunny day and we slowly had to take off layers as we went. Soon we were walking in the countryside through fields of grain and canola.

We stopped for a lunch break at noon and I ate tuna on my bread while Erik are his fruit. I was sitting all comfy on a rock wall by a field of canola when Erik told me I might want to move. A farmer was driving by spraying the field. I barely made it. We kept walking for another hour and then began the long climb up to Alto de Perdon where the famous metal sculpture of the pilgrims is found. All along the ridge, are huge wind turbines and thankfully there was a nice breeze blowing. We ran into Suzanne at the top.

Then we began the steep downhill that lasted a couple of kilometers. All day we’ve been walking through beautiful countryside with green fields of grain and yellow fields of canola. There are lots of flowers blooming everywhere as well.

I had a chance to use the great outdoor facilities once again and then we stopped for a drink in one of the small villages that we come across every 3-5km.

We kept walking and walking and walking. It seemed to never end. I thought today was supposed to be about 22-23km but it was mug longer. I feel great for the first 2 hours every morning and then a spot on my back starts to hurt off and on whether we take breaks or not. The middle 2-3 hours are so-so and the last 2 hours are downright painful.

In the afternoon we saw a small creek so we stopped and took off our shoes and socks and stuck our feet in the water for awhile. T felt great!!

We eventually arrived in Puente la Reina around 5:00pm. Erik insisted that he wanted to ask people for directions instead of using the map on my phone so we ended up walking an extra km around town. No lie. I tried not to be cranky.

We checked into our room we shared with a couple from Brazil. I have the top bunk again – oh joy. Then we showered and put a load of laundry on.

About 6:30 we went out to a bar down the street and shared a bottle of wine and had dinner. Erik had cod combination plate and I had burger. It was enormous for only 4.70. We chatted with some cute 5 year olds who didn’t speak English and had some laughs then back to our room at around 8:30. Our laundry was done so we put our stuff away and I am sitting here trying to update my blog before I crash. My legs are SOOOOO sore and tired! Tomorrow is only 22 km I think. We have spots booked for the next two nights. Yay!



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