Day 9: May 3, 2016

Destination: Logroño

Distance: 22km

Time: 6 hours – 9:15am to 3:15pm

Terrain: one climb and the rest fairly flat and rolling, countryside and then 3-4km of trail and sidewalk entering the city.

Weather: sunny, warm, hot in the afternoon

We had a great sleep and got up around 8, packed up, grabbed a cafe con leche, and were on road by 9:00, stopping briefly at the Templar church before we left town. We are both feeling good – Erik has a slight cold and I wrapped my left knee in a tensor bandage because it hurts a little going downhill but overall, we are doing well. We stopped in Viana to see where Cesare Borgia was buried and grab a cold drink and some tuna and bread and olives for lunch. I ate a small bag of peanuts this morning for breakfast. We stopped outside of town and ate on a bench then got back on the road. Not too many pilgrims on the 2nd half of our journey today. We did see Maja and Jorgen in the morning and we may see them in town tonight but they are going slowly because of Maja’s ankle. We worked on the lyrics of our Camino song called Hola and I will type out the lyrics so far after this post.

We arrived at Hotel Los Bracos – it was 75 euros, a lot more than we usually spend but OH SO WORTH IT!  We have a lovely room with all of the amenities. Sigh. I am now icing my knee while Erik washes his clothes and then we are going to go out to look for Sangria. I am craving it. We met up with Chris from London Ontario in the plaza and we had a delicious Sangria then came back to the hotel at 6 to relax for an hour before we go out for tapas or something else to eat. We have 30 km tomorrow so we plan to get to bed early tonight.

Here is our song “Hola” sung to the tune of “Lola” by the Kinks

The sun’s streaming down, from the clear blue sky, I’m walking the Camino and I don’t know why. 

I say hola, H-O-L-A, hola

I greet every pilgrim, that I see, they’re from Spain, and Brazil, and from Germany 

We say hola, H-O-L-A, hola,  H-O-L-A, hola

Bridge: I get up in the morning and I put on my shoes. have a cafe con leche and I’m ready to cruise. I get where I’m goin’ and I wash my clothes. It’s time for a siesta and a bottle of vino!

I’m not a very religious man, but I’m walking the Camino and I’m doin’ what I can. 

I say hola, H-O-L-A, hola

We’ll walk to Santiago through the sun and the rain. It’s 800 kilometers through northern Spain

We say hola, H-O-L-A, hola,

Tap tap tapping with our walking sticks. We’ve met a lot of good friend and a couple of pricks.

We say hola, H-O-L-A, hola, H-O-L-A, hola

Repeat bridge 

There are grapes on my left, olive trees on my right. I’ve walked many k’s, still haven’t seen the light  

I say hola, H-O-L-A, hola

My feet are sore and my legs they ache but I keep on walking cuz I will not break 

I say hola, H-O-L-A, hola, H-O-L-A, hola

We say hola, H-O-L-A, hola, H-O-L-A, hola.  Hola!




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