Day 16: May 10, 2016

Destination: Hornillos

Distance: 21 km

Time: 6 hours, 8:45 am to 2:45pm

Terrain: flat to rolling with one gentle climb up and a fairly steep down

Weather: cool, mixed sun and cloud. Luckily we avoided any rain

Total distance to date: 299 km

We had a good sleep, got up around 7: 30 (with alarm), packed, had coffee and were on the road at 8:45 once again.

It was about an hour walk out of Burgos which was quite nice. We stopped at a supermercado to get bananas and nuts and then continued on for 2 more hours to reach the first town Tarjados where we planned to stop for a drink and the baño. As we were walking along, we saw Jørgen calling to us!!  He and Maja had their car and were waiting for us to come along so we could say goodbye before they head to the coast.

Unfortunate Maja’s foot and ankle has gone from bad to worse and the rest and walking pole has not helped. Her doctor at home and told her to stay off it for a week and so they decided to take a bus back to SJPDP and pick up their car. She is going to talk to a specialist today but expects that her Camino is over and they will make the best of it and head to the coast. It was so great to see them as we have been keeping in contact via email but we are sad they have to stop. There are SO many people we know who are injured and bussing or resting. I hope and pray that both Erik and I will remain uninjured but we have to take each day as it comes.

We said our goodbyes and continues on our way through some lovely countryside – lots of wheat and other crops growing, plus some big sky like Alberta. We climbed up and are now on the Meseta. It’ll be interesting to see how the scenery changes now.

There didn’t seem to be as many people on our section of the Camino although eventually, as we neared Hornillos, we caught up with about 10. We walked into town and found the Albergue where the owner was willing to call for our ride to El Molino, our private casa rural for the night. Within a few minutes, a man arrived with another couple he was taking to the same place. The accommodation is in the countryside about 8km away. They pick you up and bring you to their place, feed you dinner, and drop you off back in town in the morning so you can continue your walk.

We arrived at El Molino to find a little oasis in the country. Molino means mill in Spanish and there is some water at the front, lots of geese and ducks, and a small dog. This place has a beautiful yard and has a ton of character. I love it!

We have met a number of Camino friends here – Gary and Sue from the US, Chris from London (Sharon is staying in Burgos another night),  Alain and Julliet – he is French, she is from Singapore but they live in Australia, and a new French couple who I don’t know their names yet. We will all have dinner together at 7pm.

El Molino is also famous for being in the movie The Way. Martin Sheen and Emelio Estevas stayed here and then Emelio’s son, Taylor, fell in love with the hostal owner’s daughter and married her. They now live in Burgos I think. So that makes me one or two degrees away from Martin Sheen. Cool. 🙂

One of the pilgrims is a Reicki master and did his best to send some good vibes to my left Achilles (the body part that is annoying me at the moment.). I tried my best I make it work but he said I was blocking him due to unresolved issues from my past. Ah well. Who doesn’t have baggage?  Haha.

At 7, we had a communal dinner with the other pilgrims staying there – I think about 12-14 of us?  The food was served family style and it just kept on coming. There was local cheese and ham, bread, roasted peppers, fried zucchini, then soup, then sliced tomatoes and artichoke pie, and finally roast pork with gravy. Dessert was yogurt. There were jugs of wine and water in the table and we had a liquer at the end. The conversation was amazing as well – tonight a mixture of English, Spanish, and French, sometimes all in the same sentence. It was definitely one of those ‘bliss’ moments. I am having such an amazing time!

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