Day 38: June 1, 2016

Destination: O Pedrouzo

Distance: 22 km

Time: 6 hours, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Terrain: Easy dirt and paved trail, minor rolling hills

Weather: Sunny, blue sky, warm

Total distance to date: 710 km (+12k taxi, 14k bus, 15k bus, 20k taxi = 773 km)

We both had a good sleep and didn’t wake up until after 8am. Had coffee, juice, and croissant at the bar down the road, then packed up and hit the road by 9am.

It was a gorgeous morning with blue sky and sunshine and sparking dew on the grass. We both felt MUCH better than we had yesterday and any aches and pains and swelling that we’d has seemed to be gone within 15 minutes of walking.

Despite that, we agreed to take it easy and walk slowly today. We are in no rush and we have a pension booked so we don’t have to hurry.

We stopped around 11:30 for a cold drink and I stood in line for 15 min to use the bathroom.  The newbie pilgrims seemed to have spread out a little more now and we have more peace and quiet when walking but the roadside stops are definitely busier.

As we were finishing up, Wolfgang and Ruediger arrived so we chatted for awhile and then exchanged email addresses so we could connect in Santiago. They are staying in O Pedrouzo tonight and will arrive in Santiago tomorrow as well.

The walk was quite beautiful today though more oak forests draped in ivy and many pretty farms. The closer we get to Santiago, the more prosperous the farms seem to be.

We only stopped for a 5-10 minutes a couple of times and arrived in O Pedrouzo around 3:00pm. We found our Pension Estrella Dorado and it is lovely.   When we booked it, there were no double rooms left so we had to book a triple (50€ instead of 40). However we ended up in a quad room with 4 beds and a beautiful big bay window and antique couch and chairs.  No problem!

We had a quick shower and then walked down the street for beer and pizza. I was starving having only eaten an orange and a banana all day but despite half a pizza, the two beers went straight to my head and I had to weave back to our room afterwards.

While we were at the bar, we saw Pam from Australia who we met two days ago. She is a small feisty woman slightly older than us who walked twice as fast. However today as she came close to town, she fell and dislocated her shoulder and broke a bone. She told us that everyone around her was super helpful and called an ambulance. They took her to the hospital in Santiago and fixed her up and then she took a taxi back to Pedrouzo because she fully intends on getting up tomorrow to walk the last 20km. She started out walking with a friend but the other woman got injured and has been bussing from one town to the next. I have no doubt Pam will suck it up and make it to Santiago tomorrow. I hope we see her along the way!

We have been getting at least 3 stamps every day now and my goal is to completely fill my credencial on this trip. Today we stopped at a Farmacia to buy some more ibuprofen and I asked the pharmacist if she could stamp my credencial. I don’t think she gets asked that very often because she was really interested in looking at all the stamps, especially when she saw how far we’d come. It seems fitting that we get at least one Farmacia stamp since they’ve helped us so much along the way.

Several of our friends arrived in Santiago today – big cheers for Ana and Carlos from Rio de Janiero, Carolyn from Calgary, and April and Sam from Victoria. We can’t wait to see you all again in Santiago! We heard that Chris and Sharon from Ontario made it today too but they are heading out tomorrow so we won’t be able to reconnect. And of course Wolfgang and Ruediger will be in Santiago tomorrow.
Today we talked a little about what the Camino has meant to us and how it has compared to our expectations but  I think I will need another day or two to be able to write about that coherently. I blame the beer from our late lunch. 🙂

We plan to treat tomorrow like any other day – get up when we wake up, and walk our usual pace. We will get there when we get there.

We know the lineups at the Pilgrim office are always long as there are more than 1000 pilgrims arriving every day now. We may wait until Friday morning to get our Compostela.

Well my friends, we only have one day left and it’s less than 20km. We expect to be  in Santiago before 3pm (6 am BC time). I will post a photo on Facebook and Instagram as soon as we arrive! Thanks for reading my blog and following along our journey. A special thank you for all the comments – they have helped immensely to buoy us along.

We’ve had a Buen Camino!



9 thoughts on “Day 38: June 1, 2016

  1. Maja

    Great with the ” kærlighed”-sign and good for you to have a “Danish” guy next to you.
    I have enjoyed all your pictures. Guess you will make a book out of your blog.!!!
    Namaste maja

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wonderful! It has been such an interesting journey, thanks for taking us along with you! My afternoons will be a little empty for a while – it has been a fun daily ritual to sit down with a cup of tea and be transported to Spain!
    I am with your grade 3s tomorrow morning (SWW). I will keep my phone handy so that we can celebrate with you in real time! Enjoy your day tomorrow!

    Liked by 1 person

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