Day 40: June 3, 2016

Our full day in Santiago. 

Today was a wonderful, relaxing day. We slept in, then had a late coffee and croissant and went for a walk in the park where we could see some nice views of the city. 

We had a late lunch at Casa Felisa, recommended by Elena who owns our apartment, and it was beautiful. We sat out on the terrace, until a big tree that was covered in what looked like roses. It was warm and sunny. 

We ordered a jarra of Sangria, and three plates to share – asparagus with goat cheese, ‘cockles’ (baby clams, and a half order of assorted meat (chorizo and dried ham).  It was all delicious and very relaxing. As we were finishing up, Ana and Carlos came to join us and so we bought them a glass of wine and chatted for another hour. 

After lunch, Erik had a nap and I transferred a bunch of photos to my laptop and then we headed over to the cathedral for the pilgrim’s mass. We got there an hour early and snagged two of the last seats. The mass itself was about an hour long and all in Spanish but it was interesting to see them swing the Botafumeiro at the end. After the mass, we checked out St James crypt and then met Wolfgang and Rüdiger outside. 

They took us to the bar at their pension and we had a few beers and wine while the bartender kept bringing us free snacks to eat. 

It was close to 11 when we finally said our goodbyes, exchanging contact info before we left. We were really happy to have spent our last evening with “the boys”.

On our way back to the apartment, we passed through the cathedral plaza and took some photos. There was a group of musicians singing and playing guitars and other instruments so we stopped to listen for awhile. A perfect end to a wonderful day!

Tomorrow we check out of the apartment at 11, store our bags for the day, and hang out until we take the bus to the airport around 6pm. Our flight to Rome leaves at 9:00 and we stay the night near he airport and take the train to Orvieto the next day. 

And so the next leg of our journey begins!

View from the park
Our apartment was on the ground floor
Erik is praying that the mass starts soon

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