Daily Life in Orvieto

Another sunny morning, another croissant and cappuccino in our pretty kitchen. What shall we do today, we wonder? There are so many options, so many nooks and crannies to discover in this little town. I want to do them all and yet, I don’t want to do anything. It feels decadent to have 4 weeks to relax and explore.

Today I decided I would blog my journal instead of hand writing it as I usually do.  My hand gets tired when writing so I tend to keep things brief, and I find it harder and harder to read my writing, which never was legible to begin with, and now has transformed into a scribbled mix of cursive and printing. Typing is so much easier and for the first time, I have both my iPad and my laptop while travelling so it seems natural that I should record my trip on my blog instead of on paper.

And so now, here I sit on my terrace on Wednesday afternoon, catching up on three day’s of journal writing, while listening to the kids having recess next door. It is a comforting sound as I do miss teaching to some degree.  The clouds are rolling in once again and so I can actually write on my iPad out here without the sun making it impossible to see the screen. I suspect it might thunder again this afternoon so I am happy to find a few moments to sit outside.

And so back to yesterday, Tuesday, our second full day in Orvieto.  Because we spent three days here last August, we feel we know our way around to some degree but there are many things we didn’t have time to see then and we saved a number of them for this trip, knowing that we would be returning.  My feet are still sore and so I am avoiding doing too much walking until I have recovered fully.

I decided to cook chicken for dinner so we went to the Meta and bought chicken thighs, new potatoes, and more wine and beer. I wanted some inexpensive wine to use for cooking and easy drinking so we bought a package of three bottles for €8.50 – one red, one rosé, and one white Orveito Classico, which the town is famous for.  The white turned out to be pretty decent so we may buy more.

In the afternoon, I did yet another load of laundry (hopefully the last for awhile now), and Erik went over to Piazza Duomo to take photos of people.  Later I joined him and we sat in the piazza and watched people.  (The photo of me sitting cross legged against a grey wall was actually taken in this piazza last summer.) It was interesting to see two soldiers with machine guns patrolling the front of the Duomo now. I don’t remember them last year but I guess the cathedral could be a target for terrorists and they have to be more cautious now. Afterwards, we went for a walk into the medieval section of town and found a few places we hadn’t seen before and want to explore further. We also noticed there is some kind of big medieval festival on June 17, 18, and 19th so we are hoping to attended part of it.

We came back home and had a glass of wine of the terrace and then later I browned the chicken in oil and garlic, and tucked them into a roasting pan with baby potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, and more garlic.  Sprinkle with olive oil and a big squeeze of lemon juice, S&P, and bake at 350* for about an hour.  We had a green salad, crusty bread, and white wine.  What a simple yet delicious meal!

We don’t have a TV (and wouldn’t watch on even if we did) so the evening passed quietly reading and writing.  The apartment comes equipped with a number of games and a deck of cards if we choose to play.  So far, we have not gone out for La Passagieta (evening walk), because the weather has been more threatening in the evenings.  Maybe another day.  We have so many!

Looking down towards the entrance to our apartment
I love this view of our walkway
These soldiers are protecting the church

Another dinner


One thought on “Daily Life in Orvieto

  1. Maja

    It looks all great. Enjoy. Guess we would like to have the adress at a time
    I went to a phys twice now. So good I’m getting fit. Will start walking in 2 weeks. He has been moving a bone in its right position it has been a little dislocated. Jørgen is fine too. Doing both of us a lot of work in the garden
    Summer is good here
    Maja 🙊🦁

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