IMG_5621I created a new page on the menu at the top of this site, so we could share our house/pet sitting profile.  I thought I’d also post the same information on the main page so that people would be aware of it.

Erik and I have done a lot of travelling and now that we are retired and have more freedom, we are interested in doing some house and/or pet sitting, as well as our regular travelling. We have joined and may join one of the other sites as well. We thought we’d post our profile information here as well in case anyway had a lead for us.

Right now, we are interested in doing a few house sits in the UK, France, or Italy between Aug 28 – Oct 12 (ish). We’re really excited that we already have one 2 week arrangement for 4 big dogs (2 Springers and 2 English Setters) and some chickens in a lovely home in a  rural setting in Lincolnshire, UK, for the last two weeks of September. If we can find one more 1 -2 week house sit between Aug 28ish – Sept 15ish, that would be great.

Our plan is to rent a car while we are in the UK, and then do some touring/travelling in between and/or after the house sit “jobs”.  While we are house sitting, we can just relax and pretend we live in the UK for a few weeks.  So much fun!

Who are we and why should you let us look after your home?

  • We are mature, financially independent, retired teachers.
  • We are responsible home owners (Kelowna, BC, Canada) and understand all that is required in looking after a house.
  • Erik is very much a Mr. Fixit guy. He finished our basement himself (including a bathroom), and he built a deck and trellis in our back yard.
  • We love pets – we have had and cared for dogs, cats, fish, gerbils, and rabbits, as well as chickens, sheep, cows, horses – and we would love to care your pets. Sadly, we lost our two dogs (Angel, a golden retriever, and Gabe, a chocolate lab), and Zoe, our cat, all to old age in the past two years and we can’t get another pet while we are travelling so much. Therefore, we are aching to have the cuddles and play time with animals.
  • Barb farmed for 3 years, looking after sheep, cows, and chickens, and Erik has had horses in the past. We’re more interested in caring for house pets, but would consider housesitting for a small farm if the situation and location were right.
  • We enjoy gardening and looking after flowers, lawn, and vegetable gardens. Erik has done landscaping work and is able to install and repair underground sprinkler systems, cut lawns, and trim foliage. Barb has a vegetable garden as well as flowers beds and enjoys puttering around in the garden every morning.
  • We are both very healthy, fit and physically active and we enjoy regular exercise. In the past 5-10 years, Barb has done triathlons and run a marathon and Erik has done duathlons and mountain bike races. In 2016, we both walked 800km on the Camino de Santiago in Spain. We are fit and able to do physical work around your home.
  • We are non-smokers, social drinkers, and do not do illegal drugs of any kind.
  • When travelling, we enjoy rural areas or small towns and villages, as well as short stays in larger cities. In 2016, we rented an apartment for a month in Orvieto, Italy. We love to meet local people and learn about their culture, try new foods and wine, and visit historical sites. When possible, we prefer to stay in one area for longer periods of time, rather than changing location every day or two.
  • We also enjoy reading, walking, cooking, knitting, music (guitar, piano, a little fiddle and banjo), gardening, and blogging about our travels.
  • We enjoy learning new languages – Barb speaks some French, and we both speak a little Spanish and Italian. Erik was born in Denmark, moved to Canada when he was 6, and speaks a little Danish.
  • We have not yet done housesitting for strangers, but we have cared for the homes and pets of friends, family, and neighbours and  we have rented apartments or homes for 2-30 days in Scotland, England, Italy, and Canada when travelling. We have excellent reviews at AirBnb (see reviews on the housesitting page from our menu above) .
  • We are also members of and and have hosted a number of guests in our home. We can provide links to our profiles on both sites if requested. Some reviews can been seen on the Housesitting Page on the menu at the top of this site.

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