House and Pet Sitting

IMG_5621Erik and I have done a lot of travelling and now that we are retired and have more freedom, we are interested in doing some house and/or pet sitting, as well as our regular travelling.  We have joined  You can check out our profile and seven 5 star reviews here.

Last fall, we did our first three house sits  in England from Aug 25-Oct 2, 2017, and in the Spring we did a fourth in Canterbury, England. Here are blog posts about our experiences.

Our first sit was Aug 25 – Sep 2 caring for one dog and two rabbits in the Cotswolds – blog post here.

Our second sit was Sep 4 – 13 near Shaftesbury, in Dorset, for 2 rescue dogs – blog post here.

Our third sit was Sep 16 – Oct 2 in rural Lincolnshire with 4 dogs, 13 chickens, and a pond full of fish! Blog post here.

Our fourth sit was May May 12 – June 5 near Bridge, Canterbury where we looked after a lovely pup.  Blog post here. 

Our pups, Gabe and Angel, and our cat, Zoe (RIP)
Angel and I

barb and Angel

Erik and Gabe
A cat I met in the Cotswolds
Erik and our Zoe
Me and my first housesit pup