Day 24: May 18, 2016

Destination: León

Distance: 5 km walk, 16 km bus

Time: 1 hour

Terrain: flat, easy

Weather: beautiful, sunny, warm

Total distance to date: 447 km (+12k taxi +16k bus)

Erik had a good sleep and felt a little better but he’s still pretty sick with this cold and it’s a really good thing he can rest today. My legs are feeling really good so hopefully I will be ready for 22km tomorrow and 31 km into Astorga the following day.

We had coffee and toast at the guest house then packed up and walked the 3 km back into town to catch the 9:40 am bus. It was only €3.30 for the two of us to ride about 30 minutes into the city. It was a long stretch of commercial buildings so we was glad we were not walking. It was amazing to see the steady stream of pilgrims along the way.

León is a really big city with everything that entails – big buildings, lots of shops, lots of people, lots of cars. It was about a 1.5 km walk to our hotel in the old part of town. We got there at 11 am and left our bags until our room was ready at 1:30.

We walked about 4-5 blocks to the cathedral and found a cafe in the sunshine. Erik ordered a coffee and I had a bagel with cream cheese and smoked salmon and a beer. We had a beautiful view of the cathedral.

I left Erik for a bit to walk around and take a few photos then we both went into the cloister (free today), and checked out some of the cool buildings. We found Gaudi’s statue on the bench and took lots of pictures.

We ran into Alain and stopped to say hello but he was busy talking to some other people so we walked away.  We also saw Chris and Sharon and chatted with them for a bit. Sharon is doing better now but I don’t think she’s going to walk much until Sarria.

I had an ice cream cone and then it was time to check into the hotel which is quite nice.  It’s an old building that’s been nicely restored – decent sized room, bar fridge, hair dryer, small terrace. I’m sure Erik was glad he could finally lie down. He did some laundry and now he’s having a nap while I blog.

I might go see the cathedral when it reopens at 4pm but it’s 6€ and I am cheap so we will see. We will probably do something low key for dinner and have an early night. I laugh when I write that because every night is an early night. 🙂




One thought on “Day 24: May 18, 2016

  1. Maja

    Hope Erik is getting better. We enjoy following You
    Now back in Denmark We dream of the Camino and are not finished with that walk at all. Woke up last night ( me ) and thought we were in an alberque so crazy totally confused
    I’ll later write You my thoughts about :
    Why do I walk the Camino
    I thought of it before the trip, during and now after
    We miss using our bodies as we did. I have to take care of my angle(hosp on monday ) but its getting better
    Maja and Jørgen. Buen Camino

    Liked by 1 person

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