Day 27: May 21, 2016

Destination: Castrillo de Los Polvazares

Distance: 6 km

Time: 1:15 hours, 1:30 to 2:45pm

Terrain: flat, easy, some road

Weather: quite warm, almost muggy, overcast and threatening thunderstorms.

Total distance to date: 490km (+12 k taxi, +16 k bus, +15 k bus)

We both had a really good sleep and didn’t wake up until close to 9am. Erik was pretty congested and coughing when he first got up but it cleared a little once he was moving around. Hopefully the antibiotics will help quickly. (Check yesterday’s blog for the update on Erik that I posted just before I went to bed last night.)

We lazed around as long as possible, went down to the hotel cafe for a coffee and croissant around 10, then relaxed in our room until check out time at noon.

We left our backpacks at the office and went to see the cathedral and the Gaudi Palace but they both cost money and we didn’t have a ton of time we opted to just wander and look at the outsides of the buildings.

It was clouding over and the sky was getting dark so we went back to the hotel and hung out in the garden for awhile, hoping that it would blow over.

Not much happened so we finally left town about 1:30. We caught a few sprinkles of rain but the weather was fine overall.

At Murias de Richivaldo, we left the main Camino and walked 2km along the road to Castrillo de Los Polvares. It was an easy walk and we made it in good time.

The town has been completely rebuilt and/or restored and it’s very pretty. Our accommodations, Casa Cocolo, has about 6 rooms and a Michelin star restaurant, which turned out to be closed this evening. We checked into our room and immediately went out to check for other dinner possibilities. Not one place in this tiny town serves dinner but there was still an hour left for a late lunch so we found a perfect spot. It had a slightly homier feel than the other two restaurants and we got a kick out of the waiter so we decided to stop and have a late lunch right away, before it was too late.

I had soup and salad – both about the best I’ve had so far, and Erik had a salad and a vegetarian plate with roasted eggplant, peppers, potatoes, and cheese. We thoroughly enjoyed the entire meal as well as the ambiance.

Back at our room, we showered and changed into comfy clothes to hang out for the rest of the evening. Tomorrow we start the long walks again so it will be good for Erik to rest as much as he can.

We recorded a podcast tonight and I’m attempting to upload it now if the wifi will allow. Watch for it on iTunes if you are interested.


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