Day 3: April 27, 2016 – Zubiri 

Destination: Zubiri

Distance: 18 km

Time: 6hr – 9:00am to 3:00pm

Terrain: moderate, mostly rolling hills with two main climbs

Weather: mostly overcast, threatened rain, improved as the day went on

After breakfast at 7:30 downstairs with our new friends, we packed up and we were on our way about 9am.  My gut seemed pretty stable this morning although I didn’t eat any breakfast, I brought it with me to eat later. The trail was through the beautiful countryside and farmland and we saw lots of horses. They have big bells tied to their necks and I took a video.  Everything here is so green! We are surprised at how much of the trail is dirt or rock path through forests or farms.

There were lots of ups and downs today but nothing super hard – we just go slower when we have a hill. We’ve gotten to the point where we much prefer the climbs to the downhills that hurt our knees.

Not long into the walk, a few rain drops fell so we put on our pack covers so we didn’t have to do it in the rain. However, the rain didn’t materialize and the weather actually improved throughout the day.

We stopped at a small bar to buy a bocadillo (a big sandwich) for the road and Erik had a hot chocolate. I put my backpack down and it sat on the mouthpiece of my hydration pack and all the water drained out onto the bar floor. I had to tell the waitress – “agua” and then point to the floor and to myself and try to look apologetic. She mopped it up. Then as we left, Erik carried his mug over to the bar and dropped it and it broke all over the floor. This time she had to get the broom and dustpan and sweep up all the glass. Me? I just hightailed it out of there while Erik tried to pay for the mess, with no success…

We walked and walked and came to a highway pullout with a big tour bus. All the people were taking pictures of the pilgrims. There was a truck stop so we had a drink at the side of the road. And then we walked some more. Part of the time we walked with new and old friends, other times we walked alone. Today we met Balam from Florida and saw a lot is Suzanne, from Seattle.

We arrived in Zubiri and found our Albergue. We had booked a bed ahead of time in a private Albergue so we didn’t have to sleep in a bunk. Unfortunately the two private rooms were already booked but the place was new and super clean and had great facilities.

We had a shower and changed and dropped off a bag of dirty clothes for laundry service then we went to a tapas bar down the street and had a jug of Sangria. We sat with April and Sam for awhile and then later we moved inside and shares tapas and beer with Balam and a couple from Denmark – Maja and Jorgen. Eventually we begged off and headed back to the Albergue to  relax for awhile before bed. I wrote a few blog posts while Erik played billiards with Balam. Lights out at 10 – few snorers but nothing too bad.

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