Day 8: May 2, 2016 

Destination: Torres del Rio

Distance: 20km

Time: 4:45 hours, 8:15am to 1:00pm

Terrain: gentle rolling countryside

Weather: blue skies and sunshine, cool in the morning

I had a crappy sleep because there were 2-3 men snoring all night. Finally fell asleep after 1-ish and then the French couple got up at 6 and started packing up fairly quietly. At 6:15, Thomas the Irish guy got up and went to the bathroom and when he came back into the room, he deliberately flicked on the lights and started packing, making as much noise as he could. Erik finally said “Do you ALWAYS make this much noise in the morning??!!” To which Thomas responded with a bunch of yelling and swearing. I just pulled the blanket over my head and tried to stay out of it and Erik decided to leave well enough alone because the guy was clearly an asshole (we had seen signs of his bullshit and assholeness the night before).  Thomas stormed out and we tried to doze a little longer now that the others were gone but gave up and  at.7 we got up for breakfast. We were packed up and on the road shortly after 8.

We made really good time today – the trail was easy and mostly flattish, winding through beautiful countryside. We shared a sandwich and an apple tart around 11:30 and arrived at our hotel at 1:00. I’m not sure exactly how far we went but the book said it was about 20km.

We have a nice hotel room with a huge shower and a BLOWDRYER!!!!!!  We did some laundry in the sink and hung it up out by the pool (which is green and gross) and then went looking for a drink. My knee is a bit sore so I got some ice to see if that helps. We had a beer and an iced tea and then looked for a store to buy some food for dinner. We didn’t  feel like going out for a big dinner tonight. We found a store that wasn’t open but the lady came down and opened up for us anyway. We bought bread and ham and cheese and olives and wine. Then we sat down at another outdoor bar and had a beer and met Dennis, a retired Principal from Montreal who is doing the Camino from Le Puy. Around 4:30 Erik went to the room to get our cork screw and some glasses and we are our dinner in the Plaza. It’s a beautiful sunny warm afternoon and we thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon. It was definitely a moment of bliss. What a superb day!



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