Day 15: May 9, 2016

Destination: Burgos a second night

We slept in until 8:30 and actually had a shower in the morning because we had a blow dryer :). Packed up all of our filthy clothes, put on the cleanest of our dirty clothes, and walked a few blocks to a laundromat. 30 min wash and 15 min dry for 6€. Deal. We went to a bakery for breakfast while we waited.

Later we went to see the beautiful Burgos cathedral which was first built in the 1200’s and added on to over the centuries. We got in half price because we showed our Credencial and were given an audio tour handset. We listened to about half of it before we decided to simply view the rest on our own.

Afterwards we shared a pizza for a late lunch and then went back to the hotel to rest our legs. With help from the hotel clerk, we booked places to stay for the next two legs of our journey – Hornillos tomorrow 20km, and Castrojeriz the next night (another 20km).

Burgos is a beautiful old city and I’d love to spend more time here. We plan to have an early dinner and early to bed tonight. Tomorrow may be showery with a thunderstorm mid day so we want to be prepared.

Legs are feeling a little stiff but good. 20km feels like an easy day now. We start the Meseta tomorrow – 6-7 days in the prairies. Mostly flat, straight, and supposedly boring but is suspect I will enjoy it anyway. I absolutely love being alone with my thoughts as I walk through beautiful countryside.

Here are a few pictures of the cathedral in Burgos.

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